Pesto Cheese Ball



1 (8-ounce) package sliced provolone cheese
2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, at room temperature
20 pistachios, shelled
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
1/2 cup fresh parsley leaves
1/2 cup pine nuts
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
                                                                                                      3 ounces oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes

Line a medium bowl with plastic wrap, leaving enough overhang to cover the top. Reserving 3 slices of the provolone, line the bottom and sides of the bowl with the remaining provolone, overlapping the slices. For the cream cheese layer, process the cream cheese, pistachios, and 1 of the garlic cloves in a food processor until blended; scrape the mixture into a bowl and set aside. For the pesto layer, process the basil, parsley, pine nuts, and the remaining garlic clove in the food processor until blended. Dissolve the salt and pepper in the olive oil and mix well.

With the machine running, add the oil in a fine stream. Scrape this mixture into a second bowl and set aside. For the tomato layer, drain the tomatoes, reserving the oil. Puree the tomatoes with a small amount of the reserved oil in a food processor. Spread some of the cream cheese mixture over the cheese slices lining the bowl. Layer the pesto mixture, half of the remaining cream cheese mixture, the sun-dried tomato mixture, and then remaining cream cheese mixture in the bowl. Cover with the remaining provolone. Bring the edges of the plastic wrap together over the top and secure with a twist tie. Freeze until firm. Remove the plastic wrap and invert the mold onto a serving platter. Serve with party crackers. This will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.


I took the advice of others who rated this recipe and did not add extra oil to the sun-dried tomatoes.   If you don’t have a food processor or are pressed for time, buy a good pre-made pesto.






I ran across twitter.com on a foodie site and decided I’d give it a try….. look for me there at palegreeneyes

I love this…. first encountered it on NPR……..  telling your life story in 6 words, no more, no less… Smith magazine has published a book of these.

Ernest Hemingway’s……. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”


Mine – “Seeking: Time, Love, Sleep,Art, Wine” 

What’s your 6 word memoir?

Collage Art Supplies

First, I want to say that I hate Wal-Mart.  Hate them.

Second, I want to say that they have driven out every mom and pop in my town and are only option in this small town, so I am forced to shop them……..or another large chain.

Today, I got ready to settle down and make a collage and decided I needed yet more “stuff”.

I went to Lowe’s in search of a plastic notched trowel, had to settle for a metal one.  I wanted a package of the hard, flat sponges that puff up when you wet them, they did not have them…… I needed yet another type of glue to fix the drawer glide that holds my art supplies in my kitchen……and some formica samples to make a few necklaces….and luggage tags…sorry Lowe’s, I’d buy them in a package if you sold them.

At Wal-Mart I purchased waterbased markers, fine point sharpie markers in a variety of colors…. sand, paint brushes,  crayons for wax resist….. gel pens….tulips paints in matte….. a pad of paper made for acrylics (new to me)……   I bought drop clothes because I am messy…… and elmer’s glue………paper plates…… plastic cups……some misc things to add texture…..  I am so ready to get in my yoga pants and play with paints……………..  and hopefully lose some weight in the process……… I’ve shot my food budget on supplies so the only foods I bought this week are – a head of broccoli, a case of Diet Coke, a dozen eggs and a large plastic jar of pretzel sticks……ought to be an interesting week.

May your muse find you……….. 

A Study in Blue


Blizzard winds howl

Snow and freezing rain

obscure my windows

darkness surrounds me

the first robin of spring

just returned

nowhere to be found

I wonder where she is

and if the homeless

have shelter

on this wicked night

as I mix fifty shades of


some light and transparent

most dark


and as intense

as people I attract

adding black to deepen

the shade

or suppress my thoughts

I recall the men in my life

most, no – all

wanted or needed something

from me

all but one

his only need was distance

the very thing that drove

us apart

I add more black

more green and yellow

and slather this

thick opaque shade

of midnight blue

over my heart

on a dismal winter night

My Muse

My muse has been in hiding for months….. I had almost given up on her when I felt the first inkling of her resurfacing in my life……in Wal-Mart of all places!  I was in a hurry, just ran in to pick up mascara and Diet Coke and on my way from one spot to the other I heard her whisper my name from scrapbooking aisle…..I ignored her and walked faster…..as I was picking up the Diet Coke I heard her beckon me again. I went to the scrapbooking aisle and picked up a set of scroll stamps ( I love anything with scrolls and whirlyques) ….. also picked up a piece of colored paper……..brought them home and immediately took them into my art room that resembled a storage locker……… I immediately set to work reorganizing it, dusting things off, adding a CD player, an old oriental rug…….some artsy stuff I had put on a shelf…..a box of ribbons……..she is now out of control! 

Just this morning she spent HOURS browsing Amazon adding all sorts of books to her cart but had the good sense to go shower and realize as long as she had enough to get a free shipping order she had enough to nourish her soul through the next month or two.

I’ve missed her……. I had forgotten what good company was she and how much bliss she brought into my life.

 As I drank my second cup of coffee this morning with my wet hair still wrapped in a towel I smiled at her and said, “Welcome home……..I hope you never leave.”

Black Cloud, Silver Lining

It’s been one of those days……….. my clear coat on my car is blistering for some strange reason, looks horrible.  The body shop can not get it in for  a few weeks.  $$$

This evening I broke a tooth…………. eating cheese!  I take my stress out by clenching and grinding my teeth and the last few weeks have been very stressful. I have a night guard but I take that out in my sleep……….probably because it interfers with my ability to clench and/or grind. $$$

My dentist and his staff are on a week long retreat.   

Good news…….. had a wonderful painting donated for my upcoming gala by a woman with Parkinson’s disease. It reminds me of Monet’s waterlillies, I think I like this one even better, perhaps because I know and admire her.  She is in her 70’s and still paints or draws daily.  For her to set up her canvas and easel is a major chore yet one she refuses to let others help her do……..everything has to be just so.  When I went to pick it up she dropped the frame…….chipped a huge section off a very expensive frame.  I took it to our local and fabulous frame gallery, he knows her, and he was only too happy to put it in a new  very expensive frame at his expense.  I will use it for a live auction item. She will be there and she will be thrilled.  In her prime she did a lot of art shows, now that her every movement is challenged, she just paints for her own therapy.  

One of my highlights today happened at Wal-Mart. They hire people who have disabilities.  At our local store they have a young lady who is a greeter.  She has cerebral palsy.  She can’t speak but tries and she tries hard.  She loves to check your receipt against the merchandise in your cart as you leave, She loves and needs the interaction with people,when you talk to her she beams. I always make a point of speaking to her and having her check my cart.

Today, when I walked in she was waving her arms and smiling, so excited.  I walked up to her and asked her why she was so happy.  Her body, true to form, was jerking all over the place but she managed to type  a code in a lap top type computer on her stand and it spoke to me!!!!  She was thrilled to death to be able to communicate with me and she joked with me too……..and she laughed. I laughed.  I hugged her and she typed in, “I love to be hugged”.  It got me………….kicked me in the gut……….I can only imagine she’s been waiting a lifetime to tell someone that.

I told her I did too as I blinked  back tears.

As I was leaving the store I saw a woman about my age standing outside the entrance, crying.  I asked her if she was Ok…….she nodded yes, as tears streamed down her face.  She said she is the mother of that young lady and was so touched by her excitement about her new “voice”…….  and the fact that a stranger would take the time to talk to her as if she were  a normal girl.  I hugged her mother and told her that I never thought of her daughter as a normal girl, she is nothing less of exceptional……….. and a great inspiration to me!