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I knew she’d return………

My Muse

My muse has been in hiding for months….. I had almost given up on her when I felt the first inkling of her resurfacing in my life……in Wal-Mart of all places!  I was in a hurry, just ran in to pick up mascara and Diet Coke and on my way from one spot to the other I heard her whisper my name from scrapbooking aisle…..I ignored her and walked faster…..as I was picking up the Diet Coke I heard her beckon me again. I went to the scrapbooking aisle and picked up a set of scroll stamps ( I love anything with scrolls and whirlyques) ….. also picked up a piece of colored paper……..brought them home and immediately took them into my art room that resembled a storage locker……… I immediately set to work reorganizing it, dusting things off, adding a CD player, an old oriental rug…….some artsy stuff I had put on a shelf…..a box of ribbons……..she is now out of control! 

Just this morning she spent HOURS browsing Amazon adding all sorts of books to her cart but had the good sense to go shower and realize as long as she had enough to get a free shipping order she had enough to nourish her soul through the next month or two.

I’ve missed her……. I had forgotten what good company was she and how much bliss she brought into my life.

 As I drank my second cup of coffee this morning with my wet hair still wrapped in a towel I smiled at her and said, “Welcome home……..I hope you never leave.”


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